I Lace My Shoes Up One At A Time, Just Like You

05.22.14 4 years ago 4 Comments
Steve Smith - Sports Illustrated

SI Vault

Another entry in the Gotty Knows column went up over at The Shoe Game today. Titled “Sports Illustrated Taught Me,” I think all the Rap City kids, Eastbay catalog hoarders and really anyone who grew up before the Internet should be able to relate to how a photo like the one above featuring Steve Smith and friends seated with a pile of shoes could be a huge influence. Before rappers were the style icons, I think athletes unassumingly were the true leaders when it came to down to what we bought and wore.

Then, too, I there’s a short aside on nostalgia, which I’m not a huge fan of to be honest. The past is cool but it’s still the past. My respect for history is there as it always will be. But, living life in the rearview is way less fun than enjoying what’s happening around you now and being able to look forward to what’s next. I think I’ve been involved with shoes for roughly 20-30 years now in varying degrees and I still get excited on release Saturdays.

Anyway, do take a minute to click through, read the piece and join the comments section at TSG.

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