GQ Pays Homage To Twerk Team. The Real Twerk Team.

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12.06.13 17 Comments

While Miley Cyrus is busy being one of Barbara Walters’ “Most Fascinating People,” GQ is recognizing the real for once. The men’s magazine has named Twerk Team as one of their Babes Of 2013. Yep, Justin can breathe a sigh of relief now that the digital pioneers of twerking are getting their mainstream shine on after eight bouncy years in the YouTube twerking business.

And all it took was a dirty tongue and a pancake ass.

Best Dance Craze of 2009 (That You Didn’t Hear About Until 2013): Twerk Team

Hundreds…of thousands… of millions of words were wasted this year on Miley-Cyrus-twerk think pieces. Is she profiting off of black culture? What are Beyoncé’s thoughts? Miley’s dad’s thoughts? And most important, what is the medical explanation for Miley’s lack of ass? This was the year white-people fondness for twerking overshadowed their fondness for Homeland. But all that talk without harkening back to the original Twerk Team? You know, the Internet-famous Atlanta-based twerk duo?! Well, possibly you don’t. But not paying homage is still criminal. “We started in 2005. It was a hobby that turned into a business for us after we dropped our first YouTube video to that Soulja Boy she got a donk song,” says Antonette Willis, a.k.a. Lady Luscious. “Down south controls the twerking culture.” Even though their hobby has become a nationwide craze, they’re good sports: “We give Miley props!” We’re not so generous. Here’s the make-good: For every hashtag, tweet, or Washington Post editorial you composed in the name of #mileytwerk, you owe the ladies of Twerk Team a YouTube viewing. Likely reaction: Ohhhh, THAT’S what twerking is.

Congrats, Twerk Team! We should hate you for spawning Young Flatback, but most think your pros far outweigh your cons.

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