“Recognize A Cause, Make It True…”

06.01.09 8 years ago

…Whatever you do, Whether you saving lives or play the kazoo.”

Another artist discovered via my favorite Internet stream, M3 Radio.

This go round it’s Canadian Hip-Hop collective Grand Analog making the noise. By pulling together their stripped pallet of heavy drums, jazzy trumpets, electric guitars and bass, frontman Odario Williams and crew create an orchestra of cool with their new single, “I Play My Kazoo.” Featured on their recently released album Metropolis Is Burning, this door-opening track sounds like the White Stripes and Mos Def got together and had an optimistic love child.

With fusion music all the rave, I suspect this is only the beginning for Grand Analog.


Download — Grand Analog – “I Play My Kazoo”

For more info on Grand Analog, check out their MySpace and Youtube channel.

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