New “Grand Theft Auto V” Details Emerge

11.09.12 5 years ago 21 Comments

We’ve known that Rockstar is taking their flagship franchise, Grand Theft Auto V, back to the west coast since the first trailer dropped a little over a year ago, and finally – FINALLY – some honest-to-goodness details about the game are trickling out. Thank the fine folks over at IGN for this treasure chest of knowledge.

Who? For the first time in GTA history, there will be multiple playable characters. The twist: players will be constantly switching between the three – named Michael, Trevor and Franklin – during missions, all with the press of a button. Given Rockstar’s sterling track record, we should all be very, very excited bout this innovative new style.

What? There will be multiple gameplay upgrades, including tweaks to driving and shooting, driving in particular being given a lot of attention. But all in all, this still a GTA game. Good on Rockstar for not messing with success; anything even flirting with motion-sensing controls and they would have one angry Internet on their hands.

Where? As with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, V will take place in Los Santos, not-so-loosely based on Los Angeles. But then, we knew that a year ago. What we didn’t know was the massive f*cking scope of the in-game map: according to IGN, Rockstar’s SoCal replica will be larger than the maps of Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas and GTA4 combined. Take a second or two to mentally add up all of those digital square miles.

When? The game will drop in the Spring of 2013. Also known as “not soon enough.”

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