“Rooftop Suite, Highline Views, Not The Life That We Chose…”

09.02.12 5 years ago 3 Comments

“…But the life that we choose, Ribbons in the sky, angels all around, street light halos, yeah I like crowns…red or green pill, either way the same high.”

A man dies and a baby’s born. A town’s favorite rapper falls from grace and another equally talented one steps in to fill his shoes. Hailing from the City Of Brotherly Love, Grande Marshall has that way with words that taunts lesser skilled artists, easily linking words and phrases with a silky smooth delivery.

Even though his raps (“I got fed time my pockets, I got county time in my socks, n*gga” on “2-3 Shidd”) would lead you to believe he’s headed down the a similar path as so many other Philly guys, his talents are more than enough to keep him on the right course.

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