GrandeMarshall Announces His New Album Plus Shares The Track, ‘Never Change’

Managing Hip-Hop Editor

It’s been a minute since GrandeMarshall released new material. Fortunately, the wait for a full project is coming to an end very soon after Grande announced the release of his forthcoming project, My Brother’s Keeper, out November 20th via Fool’s Gold. To coincide with the news, the Philly flowmaster also shared “Never Change” as the first track from the project.

“All this time I’ve taken ‘away from music’ has been in an effort towards self realization, growth in varying aspect of my life, just working on becoming a better me,” Grande explained to Fader. From the sounds of the track, he didn’t grow up so much as he really extended his roots deeper. “I’m a greater person than I will ever be an artist, and shit if it takes a year and some change to put that school of thought into an album, so be it. But I’ll never change, I’ll never compromise.” His logic is hard to argue when the fruits sound so sweet.

Pre-order My Brother’s Keeper on iTunes.

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