Grantland To Begin Releasing Quarterlies Of Its Best Writing

10.07.11 6 years ago 7 Comments

Grantland, Bill Simmons’ sports and pop culture-lit brainchild, will begin releasing quarterlies of its best writing through McSweeney’s for $19.95. Although it includes written features from the site (all of which are free online), the collection will also include a myriad of extras including new writing and fiction that justify a monetary investment.

Since its June launch date, Grantland has been a remarkable accomplishment. The site’s success creates an interesting counter-argument to those who say a media-saturated world has given us all ADD: people still desire longer reads. Although rapid-post websites play an important role, people tire quickly on similar sites whose daily content is contingent upon slideshows like “10 Pro Athletes Who Are Probably Virgins But Won’t Admit It.”

Grantland has succeeded by servicing an audience that the Internet still has yet to embrace. It is starting to form a long-read niche online, which a generation unaccustomed to paying for content has warmly welcomed. So kudos to the “Sports Guy,” Chuck Klosterman, OG Molly and everyone else involved. They’ve proved that we’re still reading, even as content goes digital.

Pre-order Grantland Issue 1 before the November 1 ship-date.

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