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Alisochka Misharova

Alisochka Misharova

‘Gravity’ Reviewed by An Actual Rocket Scientist [Film Drunk]

How Spotify Engineered the New Music Economy [Mashable]

Cam’ron Speaks About Jay Z’s Pound Cake Verse [Urban Daily]

The Six Best YouTube URL Tricks [Lifehacker]

Bury Me In Oshman’s [Gwarizm]

“Marlo” From The Wire Explains “My Name Is My Name” [Hip-Hop Wired]

Sinead O’Connor Fires Back At Miley Cyrus For Mocking Amanda Bynes [NYDN]

Scarlett Johansson Falls Down, Internet Takes Over [Sad & Useless]

WWE Entrance Themes That Could Be Turned Into EDM Bangers [Androids Dance]

9-Year-Old Runaway Boards Plane At Minn. Airport Without Ticket [Big Story]

Wife Punches New Girlfriend in Florida Law Enforcement Love Triangle [Gawker]

Fan Gets Massive Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” Tattoo [Vlad]

Buffalo Neighbors Miss Crack-Dealing Grandmother [NYDN]

Hottest NFL Cheerleaders Of The 2013 Season [Giant]

The FDA Isn’t Inspecting Food During The Government Shutdown [Gizmodo]

Wade ‘Concerned’ Money Will Be An Issue For The Big 3 As Free Agents [EbenGregory]

Chinese Authorities Battling Giant Venomous Hornets With Spray-Can Flamethrowers [Uproxx]

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