On Green Street, “New Beginnings” & ‘The Will To Win’

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Preface this one by saying I usually keep a “No Requests Ever” sign posted on my tiny e-DJ booth. Publicists, managers, labels, etc. send material and it gets accepted because that’s part of the business. But rarely do I pay attention to random requests from friends of friends who want their friends material highlighted.

But, when day one homie Craig sent over his message, it grabbed me since he never suggests music or has been as direct to ask that we share content. So, I stopped, read and then listened. And, as a result, I walked away feeling a little more inspired by Green Street’s story and song.

Here are Craig’s words, lightly edited for publishing purposes.

I usually don’t do this and have been out of music for sometime now but I wanted to ask you a favor. Last year one of my best friends in the world got hit with a kidney disease that he had been avoiding all his life. He had to leave NYC and go back to Boston to be on dialysis and hope he could find a donor or he would be on dialysis for the rest of his life or worse die.

He was 24 on his way to a promising music career as one third of the Hip-Hop group Green Street. He never thought he would be able to come back to NYC let alone make music again. After fighting for months his Dad was cleared to give him a kidney.

Long story short…he’s back and working harder than ever to achieve his dream. The group put together a project called The Will to Win because of his drive and dedication and that was the only thing that kept him going. This is about more than music…its about celebrating life!

It’s rare that we find a feel good story like this in Hip-Hop and I think it needs to be celebrated. Here’s a link to their new video that debuted on MTV.com yesterday and the article associated with it.

Gotty, I know you are a busy man but it would mean a lot if you could help spread the word brotha.

To Craig, I say, no, thank you for planting the seed that helps the word grow. And the Green Street trio, keep fighting knowing that there are people out there silently praying and supporting your efforts.

For all things Green Street and the group’s individual stories, visit thewilltowin.net.

Photo: Green Street

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