Mark Your Calenders: Grand Theft Auto 5 Has A Launch Date

01.31.13 5 years ago 20 Comments

September 17th, 2013 will probably be a run-of-the-mill day for most people. Yet the date will set the mark for millions of gamers to rise from basement hibernation, smelling of stale Cheetos, Papa John’s pizza and Mountain Dew breath to cop Grand Theft Auto 5. The game’s been announced for PS3 and Xbox 360 with no official word on PC or Wii-U releases just yet.

GTA 5 got delayed from it’s original, albeit vague, “Spring” launch window. However, for all of the hopeful’s screaming “SO CLOSE!,” you didn’t really expect it to hit stores in a few months right? All of the franchise’s main iterations dropped in the Fall outside of GTA 4 so the push back isn’t uncharacteristic. At least we have a concrete launch on hand. Those who buy GTA games for the usual six-star rampage’s or, you know, to actually complete the campaign will have to exercise patience. Whether or not they’ll rip their hair out in anticipation remains to be seen.

H/T: Joystiq

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