Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka Flame Address “Watch The Throne” Comparisons

08.11.11 6 years ago 24 Comments

There’s no shying away from the similarities between the Ferrari Boyz and Jay-Z and Kanye’s Watch The Throne projects. Both pit two pair of established superstar rappers and both were released this week. The elephant in the room is the massive iTunes plateau the Roc Boys achieved Monday morning, but Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka insist that there is no reason to feel discouraged. In fact, Waka even expressed to MTV that the comparison of the two camps is parallel to disrespect and “is like comparing Dirk Nowitzki to Larry Bird.”

Although, the gap in celebrity is acknowledged, the FB’z aren’t exactly small-timers themselves. Like Jay and ‘Ye, they too hope to embark on a nationwide tour, but only if they can get the assured five-figures a show they’re accustomed to as well as making it affordable for the fans.

Now there’s a difference that edges in their favor.

The Ferrari Boyz are sending a 21-condom salute to all the bust-it babies, bustdowns and busted bishes who hold them down in the wee hours of the night. If you’re an independent woman, you should be proud that Gucci and Flocka recognize your grind. This disc space could have been reserved for smoking weed while on parole or glorifying the $10,000 shoes on the whip. Nah, ma. This song right here is for you.

Show your gratitude by snatching their album off of Amazon now. It’s not easy maintaining that 458 when you release the same day as The Throne.

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