The World According To Julie J: Tradin’ War Stories

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katie got bandz drillary clinton 2


Gotty and I love to good natured debate the merits of Sasha Go Hard and Katie Got Bandz. Sasha is a better rapper, but Katie is, well, KATIEEEEE (and I love typing it out like that!). Typically, I’m Team Sasha, while he’s all about Team Katie.

Clocking in at 11 tracks, Drillary Clinton 2 is the perfect length for its intensity of a yelling KATIEEEEE and lurching, car rattling beats all provided by Block On Da Trakk. “Weak” with Wale was billed as the highlight, but considering I’m the outlier and contrary without even trying to be, I merely decided to not hold it against her for having Wall-A on here. I’m torn between “I Can’t Lie” with Cap 1, because I’m fond of that guy, and “Soldier” because she’s saying “I feel like my name Beyonce I need a soldier!” and “Drillary bitch you should go and vote!” in the same song. In other words, I find her to be entertaining and at only 11 songs, there’s definitely not too much of a good thing here. I’d say Katie for President, but I’m not sure how that would coincide with KG for President.

Download — Katie Got Bandz – Drillary Clinton 2 Mixtape

peewee longway gucci mane offset diamonds


PeeWee Longway Ft. Gucci Mane & Offset – “Diamonds”

Predictably, “Diamonds” is all about the glittering rocks. African diamonds, blood diamonds, and I swear I also heard either PeeWee, Gucci or Offset say something about blood on diamonds.

PeeWee’s running around lobbies in blood diamonds, but Gucci is hoping that no innocent chirrun died to make his earrings. See, the guy has a heart after all, despite his burr’s that could indicate otherwise (and the litany of other things he’s done).

“Diamonds” is going to be a bonus track for the re-release of PeeWee Longway’s The Blue M&M that was supposed to hit iTunes yesterday. For a little guy that resembles an M&M, PeeWee always sounds extremely agile.

Scotty ATL – “What’s The Formula” (Prod. By Childish Major)

Obviously, there’s no foolproof formula really for anything, except maybe math, and who does math anyway? There’s especially no foolproof method to success in anything of or related to the world of rap. You can plan out your life, or your career, or whatever, but life’s always going to find a way to throw curveballs at you.

Even though some of Scotty’s more recent music is starting to sound like everything else that’s out there, versus how it did when he first broke into The World Of Julie J with tapes like The Jiffy Cornbread Experience and F.A.I.T.H., Scotty’s had more success than most so far, and he’s probably one of the few whose advice on “What’s The Formula” is worth listening to. His recommendation? “Real shit.”

Childish Major also kills on this production, even though I swear I’m hearing “Pour It Up” in here, which is not a bad thing, obviously. If only this wasn’t a clean version….

i love makonnen i love makonnen ep

artist website

I Love Makonnen – I Love Makonnen EP

Makonnen is very strange in the best way possible, and I’m very disappointed that there isn’t a place to stream his I Love Makonnen EP online. You can buy it off iTunes, or download it via mediafire, but there’s no place to stream it yet. Artists should always make it easy for us to hear something before having to download it, and conversely, when we do hear something we like, have the ability to post it with said stream for our lovely readers.

But I digress. Makonnen’s name is one that’s been floating around, and if you had only heard his song “I Don’t Sell Molly No More,” it wouldn’t have been an accurate introduction to him, in my opinion. Not that I’m proclaiming to be an expert, because I’m definitely not.

Unlike a lot of singers, especially the singers who are recording over Sonny Digital, Metro Boomin, and 808 Mafia beats, Makonnen is truly singing. I mean, they think that they’re crooning with AutoTune, but it isn’t actual, literal singing like this guy. Brief moments sprinkled throughout this 7 track EP have me wondering if he could’ve been an opera singer. Through it all, I’m getting some Mr. Hudson vibes from the kid with his vocal performance and the instrumentals.

Another aspect to note, too, is how all these producers have so effortlessly moved into pop songs, basically. Gone are the sinister basslines, and in place are some happy, bouncing synths. They are never cease to amaze me.

So, download it via his website here, and I’ll update accordingly if there’s a stream.

gucci mane chief keef top in the trash


Gucci Mane Ft. Chief Keef – “Top In The Trash” (Prod. By Mike Will Made It)

Gucci had me giggling with his verses on “Top In The Trash,” produced by Mike Will Made It. I could list out basically one line after another here, but my favorites were “Got Bank like Lloyd, Yayo like Tony, but won’t give you 50 Cent” and when he informed us that he washes his face with bottled water.

This song is definitely worth listening to, but you won’t miss anything if you stop when Chief Keef starts rapping. To a lesser extent, tt’s like that remix of “Same Damn Time.” Diddy delivers one of his best verses, Future is Future, and then there’s that last verse from Ludacris that I’m almost positive no one in the world has listened to, on purpose, more than once.

Is Chief Keef’s verse sounding better than his other recent stuff? Yes, but that isn’t saying much.

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