Gucci Mane Feat. Big Sean – “Brought Out Them Racks” Video

09.21.12 5 years ago

Kudos to Gucci Mane and Big Sean for the reminder to place “Brought Out Them Racks” back in the weekend rotation. Green screen and all, the video itself is the standard run of the mill Hip-Hop representation with the occasional chick, money and mixes of camera angles. But that’s not the point.

You know the running statement nowadays that Sean has had a great year highlighted by ripping guest features and things of that nature? Well, you’ll hear about “Mercy” and “Burn” maybe “Clique,” which were all important in their own right. It’s verses like the one here many will forget to mention. Is it Nas on “Live At The BBQ”? Not exactly, but strong in its own right and with his moves and music in 2012, I’d go so far to say Sean is the second most important member of G.O.O.D.

In regards to Gucci? I’m just glad La Flare’s being La Flare again.

Bonus: Speaking of the 1017 HNIC, he jumped on the official remix to DJ Paul’s “W.I.L.L.” To be quite honest, he sounded pretty damn good on there, too.

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