Gucci Mane Feat. Rick Ross – “Head Shots” Video

10.05.12 5 years ago 14 Comments

Since everyone loves an insider story, do you want to know how “Head Shots” came to be? Last Halloween, Gucci, Ricky and I were hanging at the Capitol Club in Seattle, sipping our sangria and whiskey gingers, respectively, joking about how we needed to make an epic, game-changing song together. Over trippy sticks, I mentioned about how the rap game loves me but the dope game needs me, while Rick just talked about how he’s self-made and has a fondness for velour sweatsuits, before we agreed to have our camps contact each other to make it happen.

Earlier that year, La Flare had that ice cream cone inked to his face in a permanent testament to his iciness. Yes, I dressed up as The Trap God himself. I was even told I made a cute Gucci Mane, for whatever that’s worth. Some J’s, a cheap grill, and voila, Julie J made a pretty convincing La Flare, while my guy Pomz made an equally convincing Rozay with his bald head and glorious beard that would make even Ricky jealous.

Anyhow, now that TSS has revealed that exclusive story, here’s the visuals that resulted from our song. Gucci is not playing around in “Head Shots,” and neither is Rozay for that matter. You know it’s serious if the top comes off…and stays off. When he’s not too busy being the plug to the plug, La Flare is on point. As if a reminder is needed, Trap God is out on Bricksquad Day, also known as October 17th.

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