Guilt-Free Listening: Gucci Mane’s ‘Gucci Vs. GuWop’ Album Stream

08.14.14 4 years ago 10 Comments

Gucci Mane Gucci Vs. GuWop Cover

You cannot stop Gucci Mane, you can only hope to contain him. Clearly, jail does nothing to slow down his grind because it’s not what he doesn’t do while he’s locked up. It’s all about what he does while he’s free. And what Gucci does is spend a hell of a lot of time in the studio.

That’s the only way to explain how he’s able to have enough material stashed to release EIGHT more albums before 2014 draws to a close. While they may or may not be Grammy Award-winning bodies of work, it takes quit a lot of effort to pull together that much material, especially when you factor in buddy’s stays in jail for at least a couple of months every calendar without fail. His work ethic is clearly Tupacian.

Gucci Vs. GuWop is the first of the upcoming EIGHT and it’s available for advance streaming before it lands on iTunes on tomorrow, August 15. Also, check the release schedule shared via Mr. Mane’s Twitter last week.

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