Gucci Mane Ft. Migos – “Jackie Chan”

12.13.13 4 years ago 4 Comments


Migos are beefing with Gucci Mane’s little dude Chief Keef, so yes, they’re on a song with Gucci Mane named “Jackie Chan.” Coming together, mending ties, and free speech (even if it is borderline offensive) with Zaytoven being the architect of it all, serving as, let’s say, Secretary of State. If only our politicians were as adept at breaking down barriers as these fellows.

Let’s also revisit the fact that Guwop’s album-project-mixtape-whatever, which will probably be dropped via twitter anyway, is called The State Vs Radric Davis 2: The Caged Bird Sings, out on Christmas. Not only does he want to be called “Jackie Chan,” but he also evokes Maya Angelou’s classic. And I wouldn’t expect anything less from the guy who will probably be behind bars for the next 20 years.

Also below, check his album sampler, if you’re feeling so inclined. I’d say the transitions between songs are terrible, but that would imply that they actually existed. Burr.

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