#PrayForGuWop: Gucci Mane Finally Sentenced On Gun Possession Charge

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08.20.14 6 Comments
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Gucci Mane’s been in jail for almost a year. Think about that.

He’s been gone since last September and released more albums and mixtapes than your favorite MC. I wrote on it a few days ago because Mr. Mane still has eight albums that he’ll be releasing this year.

Now I’m wondering if Team La Flare will be rethinking that strategy now that he’s been sentenced to a couple of calendars. According to the AJC:

Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane, whose real name is Radric Davis, was sentenced to 39 months in federal prison Wednesday after pleading guilty to a firearms charge.

Davis, who has been in custody for 11 months awaiting resolution of the case, will have to serve 28 months before being released on three years probation.

Davis asked the judge to recommend he serve his sentence in a west coast prison with a drug rehab program to allow him to get away from local influences in Atlanta.

Given the fact that he was facing up to 20 years, 28 months sounds like a cakewalk.

Getting away from ATL sounds like a good move for GuWop. But going to Cali, where bud is legal, might be surefire way for him to violate parole once he’s get out. Dude’s piss is bound to get cloudy staying out there.

Not for nothing, the real zinger came in the closing part of the article.

“U.S. District Court Judge Steve Jones, a self professed Four Tops fan, said he was unfamiliar with Davis’ music but added, ‘young people – my nieces and nephews – tell me you are quite cool.’”

I see both, Judge Jones and AJC.

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