Need To Know: Here Are Gucci Mane’s Top Three “P*ssy A** Rappers”

Life Writer
08.13.13 28 Comments

Perhaps it’s the Kendrick Lamar effect or just a regular ol’ Tuesday afternoon for Gucci Mane but Mane went on Twitter and aired out some rappers.

When it comes to this beefing sh*t, Gucci Mane is pretty much Rap Game 50 Cent. Dude has three unnecessary and unsolicited mixtapes dropping today and what a coinkidink, here he goes, beefing with three rappers who are oblivious as to why he’s throwing shots. But whatever.

Gucci Mane Incoherently Mumbling Over Some Beats, Volumes 1, 2 and 3 drop tonight at 10:17pm EST because why wouldn’t it?

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