Gucci Mane Goes On An Epic Twitter Tirade, Alleges Sleeping With Nicki Minaj, Ciara, Etc.

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09.09.13 76 Comments

You thought he was done after his weekend Twitter rant with Waka and assorted Brick Squad members? No sir. Gucci Mane has gone back to Twitter to incoherently air out the industry, even alleging to piping down a number of well-known female entertainers. And of course names are named because Gucci’s a real n*gga.

According to Radric, former friend and collaborator Nicki Minaj caught the D from both he and Waka Flocka. Gucci says he saved a then-unknown Minaj who was sleeping in a car and moved her to Atlanta. Nicki soon followed the allegation up with her own tweet, denying ever having slept with “Bubbagump.” And calling his stunt a fight for “one more ounce of relevance.” Nicki also revealed that just last Thursday Gucci hit her up for a feature request that she denied.

Nicki’s not the only female entertainer Gucci alleges slid down his pole. He tweet tattled that he also slept with Ciara while she was dating 50 Cent, singer and Rocko’s baby mother Monica, and Blac Chyna – Tyga’s current girlfriend and baby mama. And apparently, Iggy Azalea wants a piece of him as well.

During his tirade, Gucci called out many other rappers, including Yo Gotti, Drake, Rick Ross, Jeezy, Eminem (?) and T.I. who responded to Gucci with a tweet of his own: “Only a fool acts reckless for publicity.”

Currently, Mr. Mane is shopping a tape of him allegedly kicking Rocko in the ass. $250,000 and it’s yours.

However, the first person who translates all of Gucci’s tweets to the Queen’s English wins a free copy of Traphouse 3 from yours truly. Not really but translations are still appreciated!

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