Guilty Until Proven Innocent…

10.04.08 9 years ago 19 Comments

Second-runner up to Naledge’s mugshot

So, they found Orenthal James guilty.

O.J. Simpson was found guilty late Friday on all 12 counts stemming from a confrontation in a hotel room last year, including armed robbery and kidnapping. The verdict, which comes 13 years to the day after Mr. Simpson was acquitted in the highly publicized murders of his ex-wife and her friend, concluded a four-week trial that many have seen as a proxy for those unsatisfied by that 1995 outcome.

Not that any of this comes as a surprise to anyone, considering the makeup of the jury. In fact, me & my clairvoyant ways predicted such in the Smoke Break when the shit started.

My pops, being the bastion of knowledge that he is, used to always preach to me & my homeboys about the crooked nature of our legal system. His repeated warning was that one day, they would eventually catch your ass if you kept going in front of the judge & they would do so whenever they wanted. “You’ll get arrested a few times, pay a fine or go to trial but beating the case. But all the while, them judges & lawyers are taking a cut out of all the money you’re hustlin’ for. That’s why they don’t mind to keep arresting your ass; they get paid each time. Eventually, they’ll get tired of you or you’ll do something stupid or big enough as to where they gone keep yo ass & there you sit.”

And I guess regardless of age or socioeconomic status, they got tired of OJ…or finally found a way to convict him of something.

Facing a possible life sentence, I’m guessing dude is on suicide watch but he need not be. Because to OJ, I want to impart these two pearls of wisdom.

1. See the convo between Avon & Stringer: “You come in here, you get your mind right, you only do two days. The day you come in…and the day you get out.”

2. Hold ya head. This shit is a book deal waiting to be completed & this time the Goldman’s prolly can’t do shit.

And if you do get out & think about going on another heist, take your PNC Al. He’s proven he’s ride or die. Don’t fuck with those snitches homie.

O. J. Simpson Found Guilty in Robbery Trial [NY Times]

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