As We Await For MMG To Stop Dragging Their Feet With His Album, Gunplay Drops “Heaven Or Hell” Video

02.28.14 4 years ago 12 Comments

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Mastermind is cool and all. A new Wale album isn’t near the list of “things I want most out of rap” right now. Meek needs another Dreamchasers 1 or 2 pronto. Despite harboring their own levels of talent, and not saying it will never happen, envisioning a scenario where Fat Trel, Tracy T and Rockie Fresh graduate to MMG’s A-Team is easier said than done.

That leaves us with OG Triple C’er and a guy touting more seniority over damn-near anyone at the label, Richard Morales, Jr., better known as Gunplay.

It’s not a stretch to suggest Gunplay is MMG’s most intriguing talent. He teeters on borderline insanity in his records, making his product both simultaneously authentic and captivating; a trait not always present in MMG’s retail offerings. For his “Heaven Or Hell” visual, ‘Play details the lifestyle that involves awaking each morning knowing a courtroom appearance (or casket) could be where and how the day ends.

On a larger scale, the point remains the same. Provide some sort of update, Ross, Gucci Pucci, anybody with decision making authority. Don’t let Gunplay fall in the “MMG albums to never see the light of day” category alongside Teedra Moses. Drop the album. Stop pussyfooting around.* Please.

Preferably sometime this spring or summer.

* – Before anyone gets the wrong idea, “pussyfoot” is a real word meaning “acting in a cautious or noncommittal way.

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