Watch Gunplay, Rittz And…*Snicker*…Papoose Kick Freestyles For MTV ‘RapFix Live’

06.06.13 5 years ago 9 Comments

papoose mtv rapfix

Papoose has definitely maximized his new 15 minutes of fame. Despite a few hours of Twitter backlash, you can’t think Pap imagined his Summer Jam stage invasion could go any better. Yesterday, he led his one-man NWO impression to MTV’s RapFix where Sway asked him a few questions. But more importantly, PAPOOSE KICKED A FREESTYLE!

Pap. Don’t ever change. Ever. You’re a national treasure just the way you are.

Meanwhile, MTV had two actual scheduled guests in Gunplay and Rittz. Hilarity ensues when Gunplay learns he can’t curse then starts rapping a verse that was clearly made for cursing. So Redman’s begotten son had to edit them out in hilarious fashion.

By the way, in regards to Rittz the answer is “no.” The question? “Have you ever heard a bad Rittz verse?” Not a single damn time.

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