In Which A Guy Drinks An Entire Bottle Of Hennessy In 30 Seconds

03.24.14 3 years ago 26 Comments

Guy drinks entire bottle of hennessy

Here’s the thing. Anyone who has ever played any sort of drinking game – flip cup, kings, etc. – understand how fast sobriety can morph into full-fledged inebriation. And those games most of the time involve beer.

Now imagine downing an entire bottle of Henny VSOP. By yourself. In 30 seconds.

If it doesn’t seem possible, understand that it actually is. Some guy, who we’ll name Young Cirrhosis, did the unthinkable while his buddies caught the entire feat on film. Making the situation weirder was the fact he and his buddies are alone in a garage with strobe lights and techno music.

At 28, I’ve been hungover in my life once or twice. Hangovers suck and normally follow nights of unnecessary shots, three extra drinks too many I didn’t need to put on my card and falling asleep before finding food to pad the stomach. And hell, just ask Kanye what happens after sipping Henrock in public. Young Cirrhosis, however? The next morning, he probably felt like he was giving child birth to a rhinoceros while having an elephant stomp on his head.

You know, pending he woke up at all.

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