The Quest For H1GHER Learning: Using Sports & Sneakers To Create A Better Tomorrow

04.07.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

h1hger learning lead

Now more than ever, it takes more than just parents to raise a child to become a productive member of society. Obstacles placed in their way by society and the education system can be the cause for many kids to take the softer, easier route which usually ends up being a dead end.

That’s why H1GHER Learning matters.

What started out as an far-reaching idea approximately a year ago has turned into a mission by KJ Kearney, the man behind it all. I’ve been lucky enough to know and work with him over the years so when he first expressed the idea to me, I knew it was only a matter of time before he started laying the foundation to build his dream. He did the research, read the studies, got hands-on in the community and the Charleston education system and went to work.

The idea wasn’t self-serving; instead it was based on giving in order to receive. He decided to use his time, energy and available resources along with work he was already doing in his Charleston, South Carolina community to establish a non-profit organization geared towards providing athletic footwear to student athletes from low-income backgrounds.

Sports and kicks, two natural loves for KJ just like most of us, serve as the gateway to reaching the larger goal. The concept is to show those kids that people care about their well-being and success and, in turn, those same kids grow to become contributing members of the community, hopefully remembering the love and care they received along the way.

Of course, establishing a non-profit actually takes money. That’s where any TSS reader comes in. Currently, H1GHER Learning is looking for donations to help fund the initial steps towards becoming official.

I can’t tell anyone what they should do. I can tell you what I chose to do and that is I donated. Skipping one pair of kicks to make a donation may put H1GHER Learning one step closer to helping implement changed first in Charleston, then beyond. Good things are already happening for H1GHER (see: donating 28 pairs of kicks a few weeks ago) but there’s more to be done.

To make a donation go here and to learn more, visit the fundraiser page plus peep the video below.

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