Hall of Fame New Era Size Caps

08.08.09 8 years ago 8 Comments

Hall Of Fame’s upcoming New Eras. Now of course, we don’t purchase everything we post here. Nobody’s pockets are that deep. Consider it just a sharing is caring activity of displaying what’s new. And usually even if it’s not my style, I can still spot still.

But these, I’m on the fence about. They waiver between kind of ill and kind of corny. The like is how they’re reminiscent of mass transit signs & how they aschew any team logos or branding (I’ve always found certain models of umpire hats fresh as well). On the flip, who wants to wear their hat size emblazoned on their cap?

Joe Rockheads need not worry anyways as they only go from 7 1/4 – 7 3/4.


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