Happy 40th Birthday, Biggie Smalls

05.21.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

Like next month with Tupac, Hip-Hop has paid respects to Frank White on today, what would have been B.I.G.’s 40th birthday. Life being the best gift anyone could ask for, we unfortunately have to remember Chris through a variety of other avenues. Take this visual adaptation of “Somebody’s Gotta Die,” for example. The homie Benhameen slid this my way two months ago coinciding with March 9, but for whatever reason never got around to covering it. As graphic as the second track from Life After Death was, the video does an admirable job bringing Biggie’s storytelling to life all the way down to the blood on Sing’s sneakers to Jason turning around holding his baby girl .

Think about this for a moment, though. L.A.D. – through no fault of his own or Bad Boy’s – remains one of the most unfulfilled marketed albums ever. It went diamond, true. It broke records, even truer. And it stands as arguably the greatest double disc album in Hip-Hop’s existence. Yet, outside of “Hypnotize,” we never saw videos featuring Big like “Mo Money, Mo Problems” and “Sky’s The Limit,” and possibly “I Love The Dough” or “Notorious Thugs” had he chose to go those routes.

Before watching the video, reminisce over Chris and find solace in the fact Big left this world with a bag of weed, an inhaler and three condoms. It was supposed to be just another night in the life of Big Poppa. Happy born day, Frank.

P.S. — Through the grapevine, I’ve also been alerted Max B, Ron Isley and Mr. T’s birthdays are today as well. Free the wave. Long live Mr. Big. And I pity the fool who didn’t watch The A-Team growing up.

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