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Bianca Narbona

The ‘Harlem Shake’ Viral Craze Was Created By Corporations [Gawker]

Karma Is Real: Suspect Runs Into Glass Door After Stealing Purse [The Urban Daily]

Etiquette Returns for the Digital Generation [NY Times]

SisQo Performs in Tiny Club in Alexandria, VA #FAIL [Shabooty]

Did The Game Lie About His $6,000 Tip? [The Box-Houston]

Tyler Perry’s ‘Temptation’: Plot Recreated with Reviews [Film Drunk]

‘The Instagram Rules For Men’ Is DeSean Jackson’s Magnum Opus [With Leather]

The 49ers Did An April Fools’ Prank [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

Why Do People Hate Anne Hathaway? [College Humor]

A Girl’s Guide to “Game of Thrones” [Pajiba]

10 Kickass Super Heroes Who Don’t Have Super Powers [Giant]

19 Things You Learn by Following Eva Mendes Around [Vulture]

30 Things Turning 30 This Year [Mental Floss]

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