Harold & Kumar Get High, Kill Santa In “A Very 3D Christmas” Movie

08.11.11 6 years ago 7 Comments

At this point you’re probably asking yourself “Man, do we really need a third Harold and Kumar movie?” OF COURSE WE NEED A THIRD HAROLD AND KUMAR MOVIE.

Dubbed “A Very Harold And Kumar 3D Christmas,” the trailer doesn’t indicate that the franchise is headed in any radical new directions. There won’t be much complaining as long as it continues to combine hilariously casual racism with plenty of Neil Patrick Harris. It also appears ready to make several meta, ‘3D-is-played-out” jokes, so there’s that. The first movie in the trilogy (yes, its a trilogy now) is still one of the funniest pot comedies I’ve ever seen; the second one, while still offering some genuinely hilarious scenes, felt like a bunch of skits tossed together with little to actually drive the narrative. I’ve also been sober every time I’ve seen the second one, so my opinion probably doesn’t matter.

Get high and catch it in theaters November 4th.

Bonus: Probably my favorite scene from the first movie featuring the one, the only, Anthony Anderson.

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