Have Your Self An Independence Day

07.04.09 8 years ago 13 Comments

Coming from the Public Enemy era, the 4th Of July or any other similar holiday will probably never be more than a day off work for me. In fact, I feel compelled to post “Louder Than A Bomb” every 4th of July (the original > the remix). My perception was augmented once Flav said “picture us cooling out on the 4th of July/And if you thought we were celebrating, that’s a worldwide lie.” I won’t be flying a flag or anything of that nature. In fact, I’ll be chilling @ my parents house with some of my relatives who came in from Chicago & Cleveland. Being the Southerners that we are, it’s barbecuing today & a fish fry tomorrow haha.

While we’re never forget Black people’s history in this country, it’s important to keep truckin’ ahead. And on the flipside, I’ve also gained a level of understanding & thus respect for other aspects of America that should be honored on holidays like today, knowing that they should be recognized as well & not disrespected for their contributions. Respect due to those in the armed services and reserves for doing what so many of us choose not to do & take for granted.

It’s to those individuals that we present a Muppet rendition of “Stars & Stripes Forever.”


Stray Shots

Atmosphere – Leak At Will


R. City – PTFAO Independence Day



Hezekiah MIxtape – Cure For The Common $oul

Trainspotters – The Grip Tape

Nipsey Hussle_Bullets Ain’t Got No Name Vol_2

The Co$$ Edition – Tomorrow’s Yesterday: A Collection Of Rejected Excellence

Stray Shots

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