How To Make It In America…The Show, Not The Answer

02.09.10 8 years ago 13 Comments

Still in the dark about HBO’s new original series How To Make It In America? You’re not alone.

Ever since Larry David curbed his show for the season, I’ve had no reason whatsoever to hit the Home Box Office channel up for anything other than an occasional two-second chuckle courtesy of Yes Man, so the chances of me catching an ad for Marky Mark’s Big-Apple-based Entourage rip-off are slim to nada. Apparently, it’s about enterprising entrepreneurs looking to make a splash in NY’s fashion scene and Kid Cudder plays Kanye West. No, that was a joke, but he does have a reoccurring acting roll, which might be more interesting than what sounds like The Devil Wears Sean Jean.

The first episode debuts on Valentines Day (which is this Sunday, you procrastinator!), but can be viewed in it’s entirety directly below.

On top of new television to view, Cudi and DJ Green Lantern are sharing something that actually does interest me at the moment; a very diverse soundtrack to How To Make It… that features half of my current faves. I’ll tell you what, though, I’d be a lot happier if the Chromeo and Gibbs songs were combined into the most unlikely gutter-funk-fest in history. But they’re not. So, I’ll settle for separate – but equal – instead.

Download — Green Lantern, Kid Cudi & Broke Mogul Present How To Make It In America Mixtape: The Mixtape | Alt. Link

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