Dwyane Wade, LeBron James Lead Comeback To Defeat Pacers 97-94

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12.19.13 17 Comments

Words by Bansky

I’ve got good news and bad news.

The Good News: The Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers played Tuesday night.

The Bad News: They don’t play each other again until March.

In the second preview of the Eastern Conference Finals we all know we’re getting, the Heat went on a 12-2 run in the last 3:10 to even up the season series with the Pacers. The game was full of memorable moments – LeBron walking past Luis Scola for a big dunk “on” David West, Dwyane Wade doubling up the Icy Hot on his knees and dropping 32 points or Paul George going toe to toe with LeBron all game.

But our best moment came in the third quarter when LeBron had to be held back from going after Mario Chalmers after Chalmers attempted a half court alley oop to Wade. “Going after” is a bit of an understatement. Gauge for yourself:

The reigning MVP later apologized on the bench, and then publicly after the game, but this brings me to two of my biggest hopes and wishes for the future of the NBA:

1. I would pay double, possibly triple, for the League Pass every year for the rest of my life if the NBA offered some type of unedited feed of the court during the games. I want – no, need – to know what Chalmers said, if it possibly featured the words “Delonte West,” and what LeBron said back.

2. In 15 years, when Mario Chalmers walks away from the sport of basketball and is free to sever whatever ties he feels like, I want him to write a tell-all book about the four (possibly more) years he spent getting picked on and treated like a stepchild by LeBron and Wade on national television for the world to see. If it is of the Phil Jackson on Kobe scathing variety, even better.

Anyway back to the game, big three pointers from Chris Bosh and Ray Allen with a minute to go eventually gave the Heat the lead for good. Paul George attempted a three with four seconds to go to tie the game, and well, he didn’t get a call that most guys aren’t getting at that point anyway. Just ask Kevin Durant. The memes were worth it though.

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