“Heat Under The Babyseat…”

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Baby Yawnsay & Jigga Lil Jon Literally

Dedicated to M.Dot & My RockStar

Last night, the younger one and I were out strollin these mean streets of Cashville. I picked her up from my sister’s house, after a full afternoon of them hangin’ out together, and decided I needed something to eat.

Generally, when shorty gets in the car with me I do one of two things – either a.) switch the playlist to something more suitable than the usual music laced with cursing. Last week, it was Monica’s The Makings Of Me disc (Did I ever mention that “A Dozen Roses” has some of the most cliche lyrics but it’s still gettin repeat play for the sample & beat?).

Or, I do b.) and switch on the radio, usually the local R&B station but sometimes the more popular “urban” joint and happened to be the one I chose last nite.

On a Friday night @ 11 o’clock, apparently, this wasn’t the move to make with your child in the car…or maybe it’s like this all day & since I don’t listen to the radio, I didn’t know.

Because what I heard was UGK’s “Take It Off” being played in the mix…and the chorus was played, complete with “…and let a trill ass aggin break you offfff!

Now, I can remember when my Dad used to bring the record crates home from my grandfather’s club to let me and my sister dig through’em to make dub tapes. We used to sit up for days, picking records, listening and “awww man I want that on my tape!” I’ll never forget Juan cueing up “Erotic City” when I had to be maybe 8-10 & pops comin thru like “cut that one off. Ya’ll too young to be listening to that.” So, with that in mind, I try to be discerning with what I let my own child listen to.

I’m not a prude. I don’t claim to be a model parent. I curse on the regular, mastering the use of motherfucker as a noun, verb, interjection and sometimes a preposition. I do listen to some music with swearing in it while my kid’s rollin’ with me. But shorty knows the drill – she knows that daddy curses & listens to music with cursing in it but she shouldn’t say curse words.

But hearing the n-word on the radio waves really threw me off & it sorta signifies a situation all of us face or will be confronted with one day.

-Yes, there’s content on the radio that’s not the best for a young child, is it going to be completely off limits now? While shorty might not be able to grasp some of the connotations of what Ciara’s saying, she’s easily aware that some rapper saying “aggin” is a definite no-no.

-What about that kid who’s not being monitored while listening to the radio or watching a video channel a little bit after dark?

-What can you play while you have your child with you?

-Is there any hip-hop artist that’s kid-safe & tolerable for a hip & hoppin’ parent?

The most repeatable disc I’ve found happened to be Common’s BE, because it had that balance. I could play it, knowing she was getting something for her brain while I got music to drive-by. There were days when we’d be on an extended drive & I’d play “It’s Your World” on repeat, pointing out the ideas that Pops was espousing with his “Pop’s Rap” series, asking her “did you hear what he said?”

However, albums, even tracks, like that are far and few between.

And since now I can’t really count on radio to cover some of our drive-time, I guess I’ll be buying a few discs from Wal-Mart…the clean versions.

I’ll be damned if I ride around to Disney’s Hannah Montana OST.

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