Hefna Gwap Ft. T-Shyne – “Sloppy Tuna” Video

09.04.13 4 years ago 5 Comments

hefna gwap sloppy tuna video

“…With all these bitches, feelin’ like a young OJ, N*gga trying to cut up.”

Let the urban dictionary be updated to include Hefna Gwap’s term “Sloppy Tuna,” which seems to be slang for white women of loose morals*. Not your typical Mileys or Amanda Bynes types either. Gauging by the depiction in his new video, the targets of Hefna’s affections must know how to party and be at ease with whatever Hef suggestions, usually coaxed out of these chicks with the easy-going rhymes he and his partner-in-crime T-Shyne spit.

Download the mp3 here and check for Hefna on the Smokers Club Tour 2013. Parties aren’t automatically included with show dates but Hefna seems like a guy who can make good times happen with ease.

* — Personally, I do not wish to associate my women and the word tuna.

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