“Wise Words From A Decent Man…”

05.05.10 8 years ago 21 Comments

With all the high profile records surfacing lately, only one thing in the world would force them to take a back seat. You guessed it – a Hell Rell interview. How this man doesn’t lock down more of these is baffling. It’s one quote after another, after another, after another. Almost as if he thinks of this stuff before hand. Since we’re on the topic, however, let’s cut all the nonsense right now. Ruger is one of the greatest Hip-Hop interviewers of all time. There, I said it.

Recently, Dee Vazquez caught up with the Top Gunna frontman. He wasn’t “Coogi down to the socks,” but the information he provided, well, let’s just say it was nothing short of legendary. As I always like to do, here are three gems I pulled away. And there are way more than three, so consider this a preview.

1. Breakfast of champions – Hell Rell, who I do believe would shoot me if he ever deemed necessary, doesn’t exactly have the most “gangsta’s breakfast” in the world. What’s a “gangsta’s breakfast,” you ask? A combination of the biggest bowl in the kitchen, an entire box of (insert favorite cereal here), the big spoon you used to stir kool-aid with and some type of juice – right out the carton. Cups are for suckers. Rell, on the other hand, starts his day off with English toast muffins and hot tea. Oh yeah, kush, too.

2. “Sword? That’s homo.” – Not really sure where the question came from, but the response is classic.

3. A good night’s sleep – Contrary to popular belief, gangstas do not sleep standing up. They sleep with a gun under the pillow, kush on the nightstand and while viewing the finest adult entertainment has to offer. No, really, they do.

I’m being brutally honest when I say this. Someone needs release a DVD detailing the best interviews from this guy. Quick, fast and in a hurry. Hip-Hop will never die as long as Rell is here to talk about it.

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