Hell Rell – “It Ain’t Me” Video

09.15.10 7 years ago 8 Comments

Rooting for the underdog is an American pastime, inherent to who we are as a people. It’s the reason why I give praise to artists like Yayo and Rell. Both of them started out as foregone members of their respective crews, yet they’re the only ones who remain and, while dated, sound reminiscent of why we f#cked with those bands of rappers in the first place. On “It Ain’t Me,” retrograde ignorance ensues and Ruger sounds like a throwback to early era Dips, referencing cooking dope, expensive watches, exchanges with fiends and reciting elementary limericks like “You know Ruger stay cooler than your AC.” Refreshing in its simplicity, the song and vid are enough to make me want to dig up my old Sixers pinwheel and rock it with respect.

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