DMX Went On The Slingshot Roller Coaster And It Went Exactly How You Imagined

07.29.14 3 years ago 4 Comments
dmx riding rollercoaster video


Here’s DMX. Here’s DMX on a roller coaster. Here’s DMX yelling obscenities and going “BLAAAAAP” after being on a roller coaster. Combining this with the video of DMX discovering Google and learning what a Barack Obama is and we’ve got the makings of the greatest voyeuristic achievement of the modern era.

It’s amazing that DMX can function and do anything at this stage in his life, and he should get a little slack because a roller coaster while f*cked up out of your mind is probably a life-altering experience. I can’t wait for him to drop a verse about this with appropriate f-bombs and sodomy. Never change, DMX. Ever.

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