Herman Cain Was On The Daily Show Last Night…You’re Welcome, America

08.30.12 5 years ago 8 Comments

Want to know the best thing to come out of the Republican National Convention? Herman Cain is back!

Mr. “Thoughts Swirrrrling All Around My Head” showed up on the Daily Show last night in a glorious return to form. Right off the bat, he hit us with an absolute gem.

When Cain was asked why polls showed zero percent of the Black vote going to Mitt Romney, he responded by saying that Black republicans were too busy to answer phones because they had jobs. As my friend explained via text message: Herman Cain just said that no Blacks voted for Mitt Romney because polls only talked to shiftless Negroes.

Herman Cain, how we missed thee. The online interview goes further as Herman basically got, as the kids would say, pwned by Jon Stewart over a discussion about welfare reform.

But the best part of all of this? The revelation that Herman Cain is embarking on a 30-city Truth Tour. You bet your sweet secretary-groping ass that I’ll be in attendance if this tour comes anywhere within 500 miles of yours truly.

Welcome back, Herman Cain. You are a national treasure that we almost lost too soon.

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