Heroes x Villains – “Original Choppaz”

08.20.12 5 years ago

As a nod to their critical role to the ATLien trap scene over the last decade, Heroes X Villains unleash their first single coincidentally titled “Original Choppaz.” Like their Luxury Trap mixes, the song is a fusion of typical trap elements, complete with hi hats and snares, as well as the more electronic, polished blending. Not only is the song the first single on their debut EP Run The Trap, hosted by the Trap-A-Holics, but the EP will serve as the soundtrack of sorts for Certified Trap, a documentary on trap music that will explore the humble beginnings of the sub-genre, its somewhat recent resurrection into the trendy, and its suspected future endeavors.

From the Heroes x Villains Soundcloud page:

“OG… the beginning, the genesis. Every trend, every movement has a starting point, a nexus; with individuals operating as frontiersmen often with little to no recognition until the predominant culture takes notice and sometimes, not even then.

‘Trap music,’ a genre notorious for it’s high octane, aggressive beats, is the new buzz word in dance music circles. But it’s hardly ‘new’ at all… in fact, this sound has dominated rap for nearly decade. Atlanta, Georgia has served as the nexus point, with producers like DJ Toomp, Shawty Redd and Zaytoven (to name a few) acting as forefathers for the sound that’s been garnering so much attention recently.

It doesn’t get more trap than that.

Check “Original Choppaz” below before grabbing Run The Trap over at LiveMixtapes’s sister site ClubTapes.com.

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