Hey 50 Cent, Here’s A Video Of Floyd Mayweather Reading Stuff

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08.26.14 24 Comments
Floyd Mayweather At Press Conference

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It’s not a page out of Harry Potter, but here is a video of Floyd Mayweather reading something without sounding like a first grader.

Apparently the rumors and supposed proof of Floyd being illiterate in the past week were too much to bear for Floyd’s publicist, because she sent out an email blasts with proof to the contrary. According to Mayweather’s publicist, Kelly Swanson, her client can read, and she has proof dammit:

I have worked with Floyd Mayweather since 2005 and feel it is only right that I come to his defense. The unfair reports that Floyd cannot read, which have been posted on social media by various individuals and reported by certain media outlets, are simply not true.

Well there you have it, and as you can see in the video below, he can read through a drop after all, and he even starts it the same way as the now infamous Breakfast Club drop, “I’m Floyd Mayweather.” He still sounds unnatural deciphering the symbols and letters of a piece of paper or monitor, but at least now we have proof that Floyd is actually capable of doing so. It’s not quite as epic as his initial response, but it’s still pretty hilarious that this 37-year-old man has to have his publicist prove that he can actually read.

I’m starting to feel like maybe this is all just to drum up interest or awareness of Floyd’s rematch against Marcos Maidana on September 13, who knows. Either way I’m just happy I get to get my “Heart Radio,” and “show… your stripes” jokes off now without all the “bro he can’t read that’s not funny” Debbie downers ruining it.

So does 50 Cent have to fork over that $750k for ALS now, or nah?

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