“Hey Aretha”

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Words by Jesse H.


The sound of a dead line sounds eerily loud after a fight with the one you love…

During the fight, emotions are stirring and pounding at the forefront of your brain — anger, fear, pain, remorse are all twisting together and coursing through your nervous system to punch a hole in your stomach. But when the phone call finally ends, you’re left with nothing but your jumbled thoughts and cold, uncertain emotions.

It’s that numbing moment. When the pain is still fresh, but you find yourself looking longingly at the phone, reminiscing nostalgic and grasping for the hope of a warming resolution, that George Jackson must have been experiencing when he wrote “Aretha, Sing One for Me.”

The hushed ting of the high-hat gives way to the gentle weeping of the strings, the soulful sigh of the organ, and finally that familiar piano loop, crafted expertly to sound like wistful melancholy.

Then there’s the tender begging that Jackson performs to perfection. An open-hearted and humbly pained request to the queen of soul, asking her to find it in her heart to, through the sheer power of her unique voice, remind the girl of the love she’s losing.

It’s a modest song that approaches a rift in a relationship in an unusual way. It’s beyond finding fault, and it’s not concerned with recounting the juicy details. In fact, that’s what makes it all the more admirable- it doesn’t make the mistake of delving too deeply into the emotions. Instead, it assumes that the listener can relate, and because of that lyrical subtext, its pathos is all the more tangible.

We’ve all been in Jackson’s shoes, feeling like our only prayer of salvaging a relationship on the rocks is through a pedestrian prayer to a force that can affect the curious human heart in ways that our own befuddled words sometimes simply cannot.

I hope Jackson got his request.


Download — George Jackson – “Aretha, Sing One for Me”

Oh yeah…that’s Ghost you’re thinking of.

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