High Praise For The Low End

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If this was 1991, there would no dispute about A Tribe Called Quest obtaining a 5 Cig rating from TSS for The Low End Theory. The level of innovation spawning from the jazz-infused, Hip-Hop masterpieces — which many have gone on to become standards in the culture, still inspire fans and artists to this day. So much to point where the typical remix or remake is considered adulation whenever the album’s concerned.

Which gradually sets the stage for J. Period’s Tribute 2 Q-Tip.

When considering the greatest track #1 to ever come out of Hip-Hop, what’s the first thing to come to your mind? Most are usually “Intros” designed as footstools to elevate the next sequence of songs but  occasionally, the opening track can be the spark to blow the dynamite. Think Jay’s “Dynasty Intro,” “Treat Her Like A Prostitute..” Or how bout the brooding bass line that kicks off the Tribe’s “Excursions?” The opening lyrics are more unforgettable than any Nat King Cole song could ever be and who better than emulate the feeling than De La Soul — who still sound as fresh as the day they were loungin’ in the park with the guest of honor Q-Tip.

J. Period Feat. De La Soul – Excursions (Tribute Remix)

On the b-side, as in “b” for bananas, boom-bap, or in this case “Buggin,” a couple of G.O.O.D. Music representers have been bestowed the honor of covering “Excursions'” classic follow-up “Buggin’ Out.” If you remember correctly, Phife Didawg’s contributions on the first LP were held to the bare minimum and “Buggin’ Out,” was arguably his breakout record. Peep as KiD CuDi follows similar Paths of Rhythm while Consequence plays the cool and confident one.

J. Period Feat. Consequence & KiD CuDi – Buggin’ Out 2009

J. Period’s Tribute 2 Q-Tip drops February 10th.

BONUS– Consequence, CuDi, Emile and Plain Pat in the studio during the making for “Buggin’ Out 2009.”

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