NYC Duo High2U2 Pays Tribute To ‘Killa Cam’

Managing Hip-Hop Editor


Cam’ron and The Diplomats once held huge sway over adoring rap fans across the globe, making oversized tees, NBA pinwheel caps and the color pink all acceptable by fashion standards. Their work with producers like The Heatmakerz made their musical work equally as influential, an impact still present in duo High2U2 and their brand new track “Killa Cam.”

Rah Flowen hails from Harlem and partner JD Banks is a product of the Lower East Side meaning both artists were around to feel the full impact of King Jaffe Joe’s reign. “When you’re two young kids from NYC growing up in the 2000s who, didn’t want to be Dipset?” Flowen says. “We just trying to bring that feel back to NY and the only way to do that is first pay your dues and homage. And who wouldn’t want a pink Jeep?”

High2U2’s track bearing his name features otherworldly production by Rubi Rosa and lyrics that praise doing everything with flamboyance and excess. The overall premise can all be boiled down to part of the hook: “I just want money, all the money, F*ck being famous, Pull up in the pink jeep, Killa Cam, N*ggas hatin’.”

Listen to “Killa Cam” below.

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