Higher Learning: The Five Best Episodes Of “Community” So Far

11.10.10 7 years ago 35 Comments

So long, The Office. There’s a new funniest show in the world and its name is Community. In just its second season, the sitcom is one of the smartest, most hilarious shows on television, which means that its ratings aren’t that good compared to the shows on CBS which cater to adults that wear bibs. Donald Glover is a comedic genius. Chevy Chase still has it. And Alison Brie is…a very well-spoken and accomplished actress.

So if you’ve missed the show and are late hopping on the bandwagon, here are the five funniest episodes of Community so far. Since Troy is possibly the greatest thing to happen to any television series, we’ve included his most show-stealing moment from each episode.

We can’t track down some full episodes online (wank you very much, NBC), but it’s for your own good. Just go get the season one DVD.

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