“Hip-Hop Ain’t Been The Same…”

03.21.09 9 years ago 20 Comments

“…Since Tupac moved to Cuba on us.”

When Slim spit that rhyme during a freestyle on Tim Westwood’s show awhile back, not only did I spaz at the line, but I sort of sighed at the fact I knew it wasn’t true.

Now, a few years later, this video above only adds to that ailment. In the clip, you can see some bandana-clad brother in the crowd at Weezy’s I Am Music tour swiping Pac’s persona to perfection. The stirring resemblance is so uncanny, you can see the people around him just starring in awe. They should’ve known better, because if Pac were still breathing, I’m sure a Wayne concert is the absolute last place he’d be at.

SMH at this guy, too. Who wants to draw attention by imitating the deceased?

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