Hit-Boy – “Jay-Z Interview” Video

06.07.12 5 years ago 13 Comments

“All these n*ggas is hatin’, waiting judgin’ debatin’, Trying to charge me with a flagrant, but I will not stop…”

Producers grabbin’ the mic isn’t anything uncommon but Hit-Boy definitely grabbed attention when word first came he was going to step into the booth. First up, the song “Jay-Z Interiew,” produced by BINK! and featuring assorted clips to familiarize folks with just who he is aside from being the guy behind “N*ggas In Paris.” Much like Chase N. Cashe, the bars won’t floor you and there’s a buy-in required of sorts. And then much like his Surf Club cohort again, how hard is not to buy-in and root for a guy who caught a break, ran with it and ended up helping craft bangin’ a** music along the way?

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