Homeboy Sandman Checks The U.S. On “America, The Beautiful”

07.27.14 3 years ago 2 Comments

Homeboy Sandman - America The Beautiful

“OK, the streets aren’t paved with gold, but at least they paved though/
Weaker than the Euro but stronger than the Peso, but you get what you pay for/
So be grateful”

After listening to Homeboy Sandman’s new single “America, The Beautiful,” we’re pretty sure he was fed up with all the complaining.

Sure, we all tend to gripe about our surroundings, whether having to do with politics and food processes or highway traffic and loud neighbors. Yet, because everyone has an outlet these days, the overall negative chatter surrounding our country seems to prevail more than ever.

To counter that swirling sense of plunging patriotism, the Queens rapper basically tells everyone to take a step back and look around. Not only does he encourage everyone to breathe the fresh air and appreciate the freedoms we all take for granted, but he points out how half the things people complain about, like labor laws and phone signals, are actually advantages most countries don’t have at all.

Listen to more reality check raps from Homeboy Sandman when his Hallways album drops on September 2nd. In the meantime, make sure to think twice next time, before complaining about something that’s actually a privilege.

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