This ‘Homeland’ Season 3 Trailer Is A Thriller

08.12.13 4 years ago 4 Comments

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Words by Alec Bojalad

Knowing that nearly every ounce of the nation’s attention is directed at the season premiere of Breaking Bad, Showtime has attempted to make a dent of its own in the cultural consciousness with its big gun: the first trailer for Homeland’s third season. If there’s anything that can distract us from New Mexico meth manufacturers for even a moment, it’s political intrigue and Carrie Mathison’s crazy eyes.

And just like last year’s creepy Sting homage clip, this one is pretty great. Suspected-terrorist-turned-congressman-turned-suspected-terrorist Nicholas Brody tells Carrie “this was love,” at the trailer’s beginning. Then gloriously bearded mentor Saul Berenson ominously whispers to “I am so sorry” at the trailer’s conclusion. That’s a hell of a book-end.

In-between the lines of dialogue we’re treated to images of a congressional deposition*, a completely-shaven Brody brandishing a shotgun in a jungle and most intriguingly, Brody’s daughter Dana making use of her Muslim father’s prayer rug. Everything is set to Cinematic Orchestra’s haunting“To Build A Home,” which, If you’re keeping score at home, makes this no worse than the second best TV trailer to feature the song behind the trailer for NBC’s canceled Awake.

Homeland can really go anywhere after its explosive (literally) second season finale and this trailer suggests it plans to explore the plot’s boundaries. The cast may have gotten smaller but the scope looks like it’ll get much bigger.

Season 3 of Homeland begins Sunday, September 29 at 9pm EST.

* — The TV subtitle during the deposition scene in the trailer mentions the “12/12” attacks. The season two finale in which the attacks took place aired on December 16. Why not just add four more days and blow our minds?

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