Remember The Homeless Lottery “Winner”? Well, His Story Just Got A Whole Lot Better

03.11.14 4 years ago 14 Comments


For every negative, there’s a positive. For every senseless WSHH video, there should be a video like the one of Eric, the homeless lottery “winner,” to balance out the Internet’s yin-yang.

For those who don’t remember or even know Eric, he is the homeless guy who appeared in YouTube viral video producer Magic of Rahat’s prank that involved giving Eric $1,000 under the guise that the homeless man was the recipient of a winning lottery ticket. Except, Eric didn’t just keep the money, he wanted to share it with Rahat. Eric begins to shed tears, Rahat does as well and just about everyone who saw the original video found themselves in a dusty room suddenly.

Still, the story didn’t end once the camera stopped rolling. Rahat called upon the power of the ‘net to raise money for his new-found friend. And, the Internet came through like a champ.

“The homeless man’s selfless gesture immediately went viral, inspiring fans to ask Rahat to help them do something for Eric, too.

“Rahat set up a fundraising page on Thursday with the hopes of collecting $20,000 to help Eric get back on his feet. As of Monday afternoon, the campaign had collected more than $30,000.

“Rahat has also continued spending time with Eric. He has posted fundraising updates on Twitter, and shared a photo of himself, his videographer, Trey, and Eric after the three had lunch together on Sunday.

“During an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit on Thursday, Rahat said that he put Eric up in a hotel for two weeks.”

Thanks to Eric, Rahat and the Internet for proving that humanity isn’t always awful.

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