America’s Homeless Got Talent!

01.04.11 7 years ago 18 Comments

If you were around when Arrested Development gave “Mr. Wendal” his 15 minutes of fame, you’ll know the world’s forgotten citizens aren’t always black stains on our society, just sometimes downtrodden by drugs, alcohol or disparity all together. Granted, I’m not one to troll my city’s backlots for a few tidbits of unsolicited wisdom, but who knew that my hometown had a resident who had a powerful and lucrative voice with his God-given vocal chords.

He says his name is Ted Williams and openly admits that the aforementioned antagonists all played a part in his downfall. Still, his mouth has the power to get people their music, entertainment and news with his ready-made DJ voice. Seriously, how many Bandcamp rappers could honestly utilize his talents for their next mixtape. They won’t even have to pay top dollar, neither. Sounds like a win-win to me and a few steps to get buddy back on his feet.

Spotted @ Midwest Sports Fans

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