Homer Simpson Votes For Mitt Romney, Regrets It Immediately

10.01.12 5 years ago 19 Comments

With Wednesday’s first face-to-face showdown between President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in arms reach, why not take some sound voting advice from one of America’s most legendary patriarchs, Homer Simpson.

The clip finds Bart’s pops doing what most of us will do on November 6 – heading to the voting booth to make our decision on who should be the leader of the free world. Following a quality shot at the premise behind voter identification, Homer’s moment of truth awaits him. As he has done for the past 20+ years, the beer-bellied yellow man doesn’t think things through an immediately talks himself out of one candidate and votes for the other.

Who you vote for in a little over a month is your prerogative. Just try to be a tad more prepared than Homer was. And for those of who’ll inevitably come in here with the “why are you gonna vote when your vote doesn’t matter” logic, just chill out and have a Duff beer or something. You’ve got plenty of time over the next four weeks to drive that theory home.

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